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Hi, Thank you for visiting my page.
I’m Fusako, a freelance video editor currently living in Florida, USA.
Please also see the self-introduction video. Contact information is at the bottom of the page. Thank you.


Self-introduction video


Work history

Video editing has been using Premier Pro since June 2020. My native language is Japanese and I have made videos for many Japanese audiences.
Currently, I mainly edit videos using English and Japanese, but I plan to actively edit videos in English only in the future.These are the things I care about…
– Emphasis on communication with clients
– Understand the purpose of the video and edit it
– Keep deadlines
– Take care of your video image
– If there is an instruction, follow it.

About the genre of video editing…
Beauty (including Tik Tok ads)/spiritual/Vlogs/English subtitles/business/channels that teach Japanese in English
In addition to YouTube, we also accept business-use media such as launches, e-mail magazines, seminar distribution, and in-house training. Especially recently, there are more and more opportunities to receive editing of videos that you want to create from Japan to overseas, and from overseas to Japan. It is also possible to communicate in English and participate in the editing team.

About video editing work…
Basic operations such as cut/subtitle/SE/movement are possible without any problems. Recently, I have also started creating reels for Instagram and editing vertical short videos. We are focusing on editing from a female perspective, but I am editing with an emphasis on clarity regardless of gender.

Experienced occupation…
Over-the-counter drug sales in Japan/Skin care sales (SNS marketing)/Blog affiliate/Model/Beauty Instagrammer/Beauty writer/Video editor/MLM business

Usable software…
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Photoshop

We are happy to help m clients.
Thank you.

This YouTube channel is all shot by myself and edited by Premier Pro. Please look.

I also post in English on my Instagram reel.

I use Upwork to work. Requests can also be made here.
Or you can contact me using the request box below.